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I am Chinedu Francis, a director of visual designs, an entertainer, IT enthusiast, a blogger and an entrepreneur. I am a Nigerian, from Mbano in Imo State. Raised in a monogamous home amongst five other siblings. I had my earlier formal education in Kano State; continued and finished Imo State.

Created the brand FradorMedia™ in 2012 as a leisure time pleasure. In earnest, at the beginning, I wasn’t very much dedicated in churning out contents for the blog as I was very much occupied with other things.

Managed teams who successfully delivered multiple brand visual designs. I have a good background in strategy and digital brand marketing; Driven by passion for understanding the mechanisms of multicultural advertising.

One individual who is always ‘willing to learn’, keen on improving my skills/strategies in various capacities, with an unrivaled passion for entertainment, ICT and entrepreneurship. With much Interest in innovative ideas, creative minds as well an optimistic fellows. I take pleasure and inspiration from creative works, especially when they relate to problem solving. 

With great confidence in team work, I believe this to be the key to success. As a partner, you can always be assured of hitting the very zenith in your designated tasks and goals.

I have interests in programming and network security.

My current endeavours include; blogging, acting/entertaining, freelance visual designing and digital marketing. I see great challenges as the much needed compulsion for greater success. 


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