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Handling Tables in MS Word Application Without Distress.

I felt that handling tables in MS Word Application might be a problem to most users of the Application, this prompts me to discuss this easier way of doing it without stress.
When working with a table, sometimes one finds it difficult to move around the table or to even make decent adjustments on it. I will give clue on how to move around a table without distress. 

To do this,

First insert a Text Box

Click on Inserton the Menu Bar beside Home, move left to click text box, when it displays the text box contents, move down to click Draw Text Box. After drawing the Text Box, click Shape Fill, move down and click No Fill. Do same to Shape Outline and click No Outline. Click on any of the noodles at the edge of the text box to re-size (increase) it. Place the cursor inside the text box and follow the procedure to insert a table. After inserting the table, moving it around becomes easier 
 Moving the above table to that extent wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a text box (it is placed inside a text box). I hope you find it that easy to handle!
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