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Water-Therapy: The Wonders of Drinking Water


I found this piece very relevant and  thought it wise to share it with you. 

(In view of the interest generated in the subject by the last Service Letter and the demand for further information, we reproduce here the bulletin issued by the Sickness Association of Japan. – Ed.)

Add Life to years Years to life.

Recommended as Internal Medicine for: 

Headaches, Hypertension, anuemia, rhoumation, boll’s palay, general paralysis, obeuity, arthritis, finitus, tuchyerdia, aestenia.
  1. Cough, asthma, bronchitia, pulmonary tuberculosis.
  2. Meningitia, hepatic diseases, uropathies.
  3. Hyper-nodity, guatrio hyptonas, gastritia, dysentery, reotul prolapse, constipation, hamorrhoda, diabetes etc.
Therapy by drinking water seems to be unbelievable and inconceivable, but facts have proved it to be reliable and recommendable. Drinking sufficient quantity of water at a time renders the colon more effective in forming more new fresh blood known in medical terms as mematopaisen. This is made possible by the function of the neucona folda found in the nutrients from food taken by our bodies which turn them into new fresh blood. This theory was published in an article written by a Japanese Professor in a medical university seven years ago.

Due to insufficient exercise of the colonia truct, man feels exhausted and becomes sick and finds it hard to cure himself. Grown-up people have colons or large intentines 3 feet long, capable of absorbing the nutrients taken by us several times a day. If the colon is clean then the nutrient taken by us will be completely absorbed by the neucosa folda which turn them into new fresh blood.

This blood is responsible for curing our ailments and is considered a prime power in the improvement of our health. In other words, “Water Therapy” will make us healthy and prolong our mortal lives. The following is the story of the author.
“I met an old man 30 years ago. This old man was very robust and extra-ordinarily healthy. I greeted him and asked if he had any sickness. He replied. “I have for a very long time no illness at all. Way back when I was twenty years old, I suffered gastritis and was confined to bed for almost ten years. During this period, I had been treated by 5 physicians with all kinds of medicines without any effect. Later on, an old medical friend of mine told me that physician or medicine could do me any good. No medical therapy could cure me, but there is one therapy that I may try. I asked him what that therapy was. He said “Every morning when you get up, do not wash your face neither your mouth. Drink 1.16 Kilos (6 tumblers) of water without stoppage. Don’t eat anything before you retire.” He left without giving me any medicine. I followed his instruction and drank 1.26 kilos of water. within an hour, I urinated 3 times. 
I ate my porridge for breakfast and never tested such delicious and tasty porridge for the past 10 years. Next morning I drank again this quantity of water, I moved my bowels and all the stagnant waste came out. 3 months later, my body increased by 10 kilos. I am now 68 years old. Ever since I took the water therapy, I have never been sick again, not even a cold. After drinking water, I felt that the tap water contains calcium and magnesium salts and other impurities, so I boiled water during the night time and let the sediments settle down until the next morning, I drank the upper clear portion of the water. No ill effects such as headache, stomach, trouble or loose bowels occurred. I felt comfortable.

Water therapy saved the members of my family when my kids suffered from meningitia. After applying the water therapy, all became well. My wife ten years ago, had heart disease and obesity (too fat). After taking water therapy, within ten days, all sickness disappeared. Two months later she lost 8 Kilos in wight. A few suggestion: The sick person sometime finds it hard to drink 1.26 kilos of water all at a time, but he has to be patient and try to run or hike for a while and he will surely consume the whole quantity of water. After drinking take good exercise for 20 minutes , either jogging or running. (The translater, for convenience recommends stationary jogging in your bedroom). Sick persons who cannot get up after water therapy, practise deep breathing for the purpose of making the water inside the colon flow so as to wash and clean the neucona folda. Some people may have loose bowels and have to urinate three times within an hour. However, after three to four days all these troubles will be eliminated. One week later, I urinated only once after drinking water.

Even those people suffering from gastritia, by experience will be cured after water therapy. For one week hypertension; diabetes one week; gastric hypostia three days; constipation one day; cancer one month; pulmonary tuberculosis 3 months.
Old people who have arthritis and rehumatism should undergo water therapy 3 times a day for one week in order to have full recovery.
During meal times you can have the usual drink of water, but two hours after meals Do not drink any more.

Before you go to bed, don’t eat anything especially apples. 

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