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A Word With The Latest Rap Sensation – Passy Khing, as He Soon Releases ‘Son of The Soil’.


Lagos State is undoubtedly the entertainment headquarters of Nigeria. This is glaringly evident in the number of talented artists the populous city yields yearly. This city alone have produced and projected numerous successful Rap Artists, helping them actualize their dreams.

A walk around the neighborhoods in Lagos will leave one so overwhelmed with the number of up-rising rap artists waiting for the day their stars would shine brighter. On one of such occasions, we met with this rap sensation that has proven to be too hot to handle. There is something so much different about this particular artist, something so natural and real, his daring spirit and determination to make it to the top. Watching him demonstrate, I assure, will definitely get you glued to your seat as if you are watching a live #fifaworldcup match. 

Paschal Chukwuemela Jnr., popularly called Passy Khing is a rap artist based in #Lagos State but hails from Umuche, Obollo in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State. Passy Khing born and raised in Owerri Imo State, attended Urban Development Secondary School New Owerri; the only son to Mr. and Mrs. Chukwuemeka and the eldest of two children. 
Paschal discovered his talent in music at the age of thirteen. According to him, “while I was growing up and in school, my art used to be a sort of entertainment to my fellow students as they attested to the fact that my voice produces sweet melodies”. He went ahead to state that “my interest in music is so enormous that every beat I make with local tools around always calls for attention and interest of listeners”.
#PassyKhing Recording A Song In The Studio

Passy Khing started out with two partners and was able to record his first song at an early age. When we inquired, this is what he has to say, “my first experience in the studio was like a never-go-home kind of feeling. I recorded my first song in collaboration with two of my friends, Rainy and Brainy; the song was titled Amazing. This song was recorded in Owerri at Simple Firm Studios by Da Joe”. Passy Khing sees music as a source of happiness in his trying times.

Just like every other up-coming artist, Passy Khing looks up to artists like Phyno, Zoro, Mr. Raw, Slow Dog and a host of other good artists as a source of encouragement and inspiration.
Every endeavour comes with its challenges and #PassyKhing has his own challenging experiences on his destined career path. He talked about family pressure and insistence on focusing on his education and minimal support to his dreams earlier on. Amongst other challenges facing up-rising artists, is the lack of platforms to showcase what they’ve got and adequately promote themselves.
Continuing in his words, “another great and flagrant challenge is the lack of adequate financing, an up-rising artist who primarily has no major source of income needs to be attending shows and events as these places are selling points; he needs to keep recording songs as well and keeping up to date with appearances. All these have to do with finances and like I said before, funding is a big challenge to up-comers. In fact, with the right funding, a good artist will make it earlier than imagined”.
#SonOfTheSoil Song Banner
#SonOfTheSoil Visual

Passy Khing has recorded a couple of interesting songs and has a lot of good tracks yet to be recorded. He told us “I have a lot of jams for my fans. As a matter of fact, I just recorded one I titled SonOfTheSoil and the video will be out in no distant time.

“I want to use this medium to appreciate the people who have always believed in me and supported my dream of becoming a rap artist. People like; De Stan, my day one boss who taught me hair styling. He was the first person to show me great encouragement on this path. Another person is Sunny Kampala who always supported me financially and otherwise. I want to also appreciate Digidi Don Hill, an actor and a musician, this bro has featured 2Face in his song. Digidi is a mentor to me and I must say I learnt a lot from him. Chizzy Njemanze is another guy I’d like to appreciate for being who he is to me. Yes and yes! I will not stop without appreciating this media firm, #FradorMedia for the good jobs they are doing”.Passy Khing sees his fans as a great source of inspiration and poured out his heart on this, “My fans out there, I want to thank you for being a great source of encouragement and inspiration to me in this pursuit. You can follow me on Instagram @officialpassykhing Thank you all!”.Want to make a contribution? please leave a comment below. I advise that you subscribe here, so you don’t miss any update.

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