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Mbira: A Zimbabwean Musical Instrument, Celebrated By Google With Its Doodle Today.

The continent of Africa is wealthy with its cultural heritage. Across its horizons, you get to discover interesting cultural heritage chronicled through ages. With its rich and flamboyant cultural heritage, comes a massive variation in music and musical instruments.
African nations have in time immemorial, as great lovers of entertainment, produced various musical instruments. These ranging from drums, strings clappers, flutes etc. Most of these instruments were creatively infused on wooden boards, bows etc.
From South Africa’s ‘Gora’ (which dates back to centuries ago) to Nigeria’s ‘Agidigbo’, ‘Ekwe’, ‘Ikoro’, ‘Ogene’, ‘Gbedu’, ‘Kontigi’ etc; to Ghana’s ‘Seperewa’, ‘Rakatak’, ‘Fontonfrom’, ‘Akan drum’ etc; to Kenya’s ‘Karimba’, ‘Lyres’ etc. This is to mention just a few, as other nations in Africa not mentioned here also have huge cultural heritage.
Today, May 21, as Zimbabwe celebrates its cultural week, the giant search engine updated its home page doodle with an interactive doodle of Mbira. Through this interactive doodle, it is possible for anyone who wishes to learn more about the instrument and the country’s wealth of musical history, to do so.
The Mbira, which dated centuries ago, is owned by the Shonas of Zimbabwe. It is designed on a wooden board (just like many other African musical instruments), with metal lines spread across the board; and played by plucking the metal lines with a metal or the thumb.
The ‘Mbira’, is recognized by the Shonas of Zimbabwe as ‘Mbira Dzavadzimu’ (Mbira of the ancestors).

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