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Nigeria’s Light Speed Train: “Make We Tell Them?”

Following reactions by Zimbabweans after a tweet from Nelson Chamisa (a Zimbabwean politician and the current President of the Movement for Democratic Change), hailing Nigerian government for delivering a bullet speed train to Nigerians, some Nigerians took to the social media and online forums to question the existence of such sensitive project.
Nelson, made the post, citing @PAfricanNations who originally tweeted it on their twitter (unverified) handle.
One of the users online, who’s probably a Nigerian, made a dramatic and sarcastic comment on Nairaland.com asking thus:
“make we tell them?”
This comment however, was subsequently replied with comments thus:
“Please no load am”
“No,don’t tell them yet…wait till the real fight starts.”
Another user who’s comment would rather be described as a claim stated thus:
“These people didn’t that what they were praising was APC audio train that has been dismantled and shipped back to manufacturers. They didn’t know that what we have is locomotives. The type that belches smoke like a chimney used in making charcoal. Only if they knew that Nigeria is lying.”.
One other user in a more sarcastic reply:
“Common secret you can’t keep”.
A curious mind would wonder whether these sarcastic comments really suggest otherwise? Meanwhile, the Pan African Nations handle on twitter @PAfricanNations replied its tweet as seen in the screenshot below, where it asserted that Nigeria has taken delivery of the last batch of its trains.
Speed Trains
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