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Nollywood Epic Filming Sites And Locations – Smart Tips In Securing One.



Nollywood Epic films are in the category of films that depict the aboriginal traditions and various cultures in Nigeria. This category of films revolve around royalty, arts, a variety of important figures and events from various historical periods across the Nation.
Epic films/movies are generating rapid interests from viewers across Nigeria and Africa, with various channels allocating huge viewing time to it. African Magic (a giant in the industry), dedicates a couples of channels to Nollywood films, with three channels specifically to the three major ethnic groups (AM Hausa, AM Igbo and AM Yoruba).
Although, it is not only for movie production purposes are filming sites required. Scholars and researchers alike might as well have need for such sites. The following smart tips would ease your burden in making choices for the right filming site.

Location Scouting

Now, to the main issue of securing a filming site; note that this part is originally the work of location scouts, who might have in their archive a list of nice locations. When scouts are not an option and you decide to go scouting yourself, perhaps to broaden your scope, there are important factors you should place priority on.
There are certain considerations to be made in scouting for epic filming sites and locations. These conditions include; history of the location, closeness to camp, road network, uniqueness of site, ease of communication with locals, local taxes, fees, certain restrictions, access to basic amenities, availability of daily necessities, etc.

nollywood epic scene


Smart Tips

  • The above is self explanatory, as you wouldn’t want to be filming in an area where you basically have to manually transport filming equipment miles away from camp. 
  • Historical locations have an edge in securing epic filming sites – does the location records events in history? Any past historical events, etc.
  • You should be on the lookout for an area with thuggery tendencies as well. It wouldn’t be a nice experience if the cast and crew members get robed during their stay. Confirm security is in place and effective.
  • Also don’t forget to check for restrictions. There might be areas that are not allowed for filming activities – sacred sites and places alike; sacred animals/endangered species (you wouldn’t want the community to inform you about performing an appeasement rite for trampling on a rodent)
  • Overall welfare of the cast and crew members, who have daily basic needs, should be considered too. Does the site in question, at least, have a medical store around? – check if one can get basic medical care in the case of emergency.
  • Confirm there are local stores around camp, where people can get daily basic needs like recharge cards, etc.
  • One important factor you wouldn’t want to leave out to chance, which by all standards has to be factored in, is the availability of electricity. Most rural areas do not have regular or reliable electricity, and in a worst case scenario, its coverage. This should be amongst your top priorities.
  • In the absence of reliable electricity, the viability of power supply for sustaining electrical equipment should be considered.
  • Be aware of taxes from local authorities. Site fees differs, make sure you’re fully aware of various fees that may arise.
nollywood epic site

If you are looking towards filming in the Eastern part of the country, there are nice and untapped historical sites to check out. Alternatively, there are various epic film villages that will meet your demands.

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