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Why Always The Lagos Artists and Entertainers? Find Out!


Ever heard about the term ‘Lagos Artists’? Your answer should be affirmative if you live in Nigeria. Okay, do you know why?

This very term – Lagos artist is popular within the Nigerian entertainment sphere. Whatever the background could be, it is rooted in the preferential treatment accorded Lagos-based artists and entertainers alike.

In Nigeria’s entertainment industry to date, there is preferential discrepancy observed at certain levels that has become a thing too obvious to note; and have become a subject of continuous dispute amidst their counterparts elsewhere in the country, especially the ones down south and eastern regions.

It is believed that a major show organizer elsewhere would prefer spending huge sums of money for inviting Lagos-based artists or entertainers than getting the same talents within and less expensive, even when the availability of such talents is not in question.

On the other hand, it has been alleged that some Lagos-based artists have a thing for negligence. Some of them even get to events behind schedule and unapologetically give lousy performances while some others would just perform far below what is expected of less expensive artists from within, thereby creating the need for probing, from talents within.

Entertainment entities are not the only ones caught in this, governments of various states also have an obsession with Lagos-based artists, preferring them during political events and other state functions, thereby frustrating acts in their indigenous bases. This attitude from indigenous governments is often seen by talents as disheartening, and big sabotage to potential entertainment exports from their respective areas.

If you read on, you will find out what the umbrage is all about and why. I am going to highlight a few reasons why this term thrives and is likely to continue. You’ll as well see the options available for talents residing outside Lagos.

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Various factors come into play, enabling the term to flourish but I am pointing out three major factors. Here they are; the Proximity Factor, Relevance / Influence, and Human Factor.

Proximity Factor

Arguably, Lagos State is the epicenter of entertainment in Nigeria. It houses various facilities required for the production and marketing of entertainment products. For instance; beaches, recreational facilities, standard hotels, city scenery, and access to resources relevant in the production processes of music, movies, etc.

Talking about marketing, Lagos has more avenues for marketing entertainment merchandise. Apart from the ‘Lagos market’ (another popular term used for various markets in Lagos that facilitates the distribution of music/movie products), there are many other avenues. They are media houses (Radio Stations, TV Channels, Cinemas, etc.) Shows, etc. Note; Lagos has more of these than many states put together.

It is safe to say that most A-list artists/entertainers took advantage of this factor, as evidenced in the number of talents Lagos reels out annually. From observation, many rising talents are currently utilizing its benefits and many more would benefit from this proximity edge.

Relevance and Influence

The entertainment industry anywhere in the world is a business of relevance and influence. The more relevant and influential you are as an artist, the wider your coverage and invariably, the better the pay. You get better endorsement deals and a lot of other perks.

This particularly, Lagos will help you achieve. Once you’re good with your craft, the vast population of Lagos State is there to make you popular. When you’re popular with quality content, you become relevant and influential.

Top brands are likely to endorse a more influential figure. Major show organizers would come to you as well. I think this explains the obsession for Lagos artists. It is mostly from the business perspective.

The Human Factor

Having stated the obvious facts, it is worthy of note, that the “Lagos Artist” does not just wake up and boom! meets fame. It is true that there is an enabling environment, also observe the overwhelming competition going on in Lagos.

Being just a good artist isn’t enough!

These artists see the craft in them. They are flesh and blood ready to pursue their dreams. They make out time to visit the studios (even with little resources), go to shows, host free entry shows, record their songs, keep practicing, and looking out for relevant contacts.

Other ways they project themselves include: promoting their songs (as we see at Alaba International Market) and various promotions avenues, doing sponsored posts on blogs, visiting radio stations with their song, etc.

Another enabling agent they’re tapping from, which perhaps being underutilized by their counterparts, is social media. The effects of social media on various industries are enormous. You already know this!

With the above simple but on point analysis, get to understand how you could pull through and obtain desired influence.

To Breakthrough as a Non ‘Lagos Artist’

Now, having talked about that, let us consider ways to break through as a non ‘Lagos Artist’. The answer is very short and simple, just apply what they are doing. With much more pliability and efforts, your breakthrough is certain.

We know there are options that are hard to tweak up there, such as your physical presence in Lagos, I will advise you do so if you have the means and resources.

Take advantage of social media, they are free resources but could bring about your desired breakthrough if well utilized.

Go to studios, record your songs, find a good graphic designer that will do a nice graphics and post such across social media channels. As you post your content, creatively tag your various favs.

You can do a cover for a song you like too. Talk to bloggers about sponsoring a post.

It is true that grace can locate anyone but with efforts, it can be more yielding; when backed with proven methods, success becomes a sure thing.

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Lastly, you can upload your songs to our blog and get the download links shared across several platforms.

You too can motivate yourself! Believe in yourself; of course who else would, if you don’t?

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