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World Laughter Day ! Muster The Zeal To Laugh, Amidst This Covid-19 Pandemic.


Even in the face depression, sadness, hunger,  fear and uncertainties, we the inhabitants of earth deserve a smile and probably some laughter. 

Today is worldwide laughter day !
Though, often observed in gatherings of people and in public places with the main purpose of laughing and even uncontrollably; the measures put in place to curtail the current Covid-19 pandemic would mar such observations.
This unofficial event, which originated from India has been adopted worldwide to be celebrated on every first Sunday of the month of May. The event witnessed its debut celebration on the 10th of January, 1998 in Mumbai.
Having its roots in the laughter yoga, founded by Dr. Madan Kataria, it is described as a very powerful and positive emotional feeling which is capable of helping people effect positive changes to their lives; and respectively changing the world to becoming a peaceful place to live.
Today being the 3rd of May shall witness  high vibrational positive frequencies. Even you should tap in and benefit from the healing, while creatively adhering to Covid-19 guides. 
Such events, usually raise global awareness of peace, love and sportsmanship. 

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