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MC Gentle Set To Light-Up Awka With An Exclusive Laugh Party.

The Thirteenth FradorMedia™

MC Gentle’s Hyper-Laff Ent. In conjunction with Bae Lounge, Cosmilla Hotel, Awka Presents An Exclusive Laugh Party Titled “The Thirteenth”.

The MC and comedian tagged this one “An Exclusive Laugh Party With Gentle And Friends”. This show brings together comic friends in an exquisite and glamorous event which is meant to foster a post-pandemic comic relief. A good time to smile and laugh hard after the gracious survival through the pandemic.

‘The Thirteenth’ features notable comedians that can thrill what’s left of a sane man’s sanity. Comedians that have the capacity to sensationally stimulate your excitement round the clock. We are talking about the likes of: Ogbuefi I Go Tuk (Main Market Man), Laffin Gas, Parrotmouth, Apostle Czar (Onye Yahoo), Yanbaba, Prince Neche, MC Zanzino, MC Virgin Mouth, Black Albino (Nwoke Ogwu) and a host of more aesthetically wonderful comedians.

The show is slated for December 13, 2020. The date actually inspired the title “The Thirteenth” . With partnerships and support from notable brands across industries, it is clear that this event shall deliver on its entertaining promises.

Don’t be left out on this auspicious laugh event. To grab your ticket(s) right away click below.

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