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A Piece of Dapper CS, A Fast Rising Afro Pop Star.


Dapper CS, A Fast Rising Afro Pop Icon The Streets Can Relate With.

The saying that unique talents abound in every place but opportunities pose huge limitations, is a well-founded statement. Over the past years, we have come across very talented craftsmen, artists, and entertainers, who seem relegated due to lack of opportunities or proper publicity.

A walk as usual around the city brings to our attention this multi-talented Afro-pop artist whom we marveled at his dexterity with the craft.

Chukwu Emmanuel Chimezie, who goes by the stage name Dapper CS, is an artist with a difference. One who understands the essence of music and carefully puts up soul-touching lyrics that complement reality. After listening to a couple of his songs, we took out a little time and enquired about his journey in the industry as a rising Afro-Pop artist.

Below is a transcription of our conversation with Dapper CS.

Observing how you flow well with your lyrics, how long have you been doing music?

Yeah, I started music at a very tender age, at Ebonyi state my hometown. I left Ebonyi for Lagos still at a tender age, joined The Orchestras, a group of three musicians, Cehuma, DB, and myself. I specifically did chorus with the group.

Okay, when you say you did chorus with the group, you seem to be speaking of the past. How far have you come, are you part of the group to date?

Not anymore, I went solo in 2013.

So, have you done any musical job since your split with the group?

Yes, my first job after our split was my album. I dropped a seven-track album titled Dedication in 2014. The album contains; I Keep Searching, Supergirl, Dedication, Dedicating, I Swear, I Wanna Apologise, and Pushing On All the tracks were produced by Engr. Val of Eternity Music, in which I featured Mendula in ‘I Keep Searching’. In 2015, the Enugu-based DJ Triple X featured me in his ‘Party Things’ single, produced by Muchors J. In 2016, I released ‘I Don Win Temptation’, a song I got inspired by, from the triumphs of life struggles. This one was produced by Prince Meddy, the CEO of great light music. Mantez Wizzy featured me in his ‘Oyi’ single released in 2018, and it was produced by Standfit.

My most recent job is ‘Who’s Better Now’, which is produced by Prince Meddy.

Oh! that’s great. Have you received any awards or recognition?

Not really. In 2020, I was a guest artist at the Fresh For Town show hosted by Radio One on Saturdays. I was invited and interviewed at Metro FM Radio Station in October 2020, where we discussed a couple of things relating to the music industry and my journey so far. In 2018, I was invited and performed at the year-end party of UNIVIN Concept of African Promoter’s Association, of which I am a member.

I received star prizes at UNIVIN Concept of African Promoter’s Association, Federal College of Agriculture, and Isiagu Civic Centre, Ebonyi State.

What are your future ambitions and message to your fans out there?

I am currently working on a single titled ‘Not Too Holy’, it’s going to hit the streets soon. I have plans of collaborating with Joel Amadi and Wizkid in particular. I believe I do music the streets can relate well with, my kind of music is in touch with reality.

To my fans, friends, and well-wishers, you know the drill. It’s a keeping faith thing and pushing hard in your endeavours. Your imaginations could become your reality with this mindset.

I cherish to say I love y’all.

Click here to download his Who’s Better Now single.

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