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Amazing! See The Post That Got Billie Joe Armstrong Record A Personal Video For A Fan.

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Billie Joe Armstrong Records A Personal Video For Karen, A Fan Who’s Diagnosed With Cancer.

A Reddit user who goes by the username Harley54_91_10, had made a post earlier seeking help or advice on how to get across to Billie to talk to his girlfriend Karen, who was diagnosed with cancer. According to him, Karen is an ardent fan of Billie and his ‘Green Day’ band. According to him,

“She is the biggest GREEN DAY fan on earth, and would trade me for Billie Joe Armstrong in a heartbeat!”.

PLEASE help! from r/Music

Comments keep pouring in after he made the post, Of course, trust Reditters as suggestions and sympathies were been communicated. While at it, the user made another comment hours later, where he notifies that Billie had sent his girlfriend a recorded video.


An amazing experience, isn’t it? Having your favorite model gift you with such experience is really wonderful, especially when needed the most.

Meanwhile, Billie Joe Armstrong is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. His band ‘Green Day’ was formed in 1987 with his friends. Worthy of mention also, is the fact that Billie is a grand-nephew to the foremost and famous astronomer Neil Armstrong.

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