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Unbelievable! Corpses Are Conveyed To And Fro Mortuaries With Motorbikes In Some Poor Communities In Congo DR.


Residents of some rural communities in Congo DR convey corpses to mortuaries using motorbikes – would you suggest alternatives?

If you think you’ve seen it all, as regards the height of poverty suffered in some poor areas, concrete revelation of incidents around other poor communities will prove you wrong and leave you baffled.

Most necessities lacking in poor communities, are in the area of basic amenities to complement basic human needs. Such needs are as basic as the availability of food, clean drinking water, shelter, health facilities, and value for human lives and rights.

More advanced facilities like standard road networks, recreational facilities, standard health institutions, standard financial, commercial, and educational institutions, etc., which are essential in economic strength and growth are things to only imagine in rural communities.

This issue is a reality in some poor communities of Congo DR. One of the resultant effects of such deficiencies which directly affect the poor masses is the act of transporting human dead bodies from rural communities to cities where mortuaries are cited for preservation, done with motorbikes.

Human corpses are craftily tied on motorbikes as passengers and transported by riders up to a distance of 100 km, where they could be preserved in morgues. This eyesore seems to be a regular occurrence in most poor communities in Congo DR, as they couldn’t afford a hearse to convey their dead to faraway morgues.

It bears a striking similarity to nightmares when one becomes aware of unimaginable things human beings go through on a daily basis, around poor countries in the world, due to poverty.

Most people would argue that this act is undignifying to the dead and totally understandable. But then, given the circumstances where the government couldn’t live up to expectations, not to talk of fulfilling their spurious campaign claims, what options do you think these people could explore as alternatives to this very undignifying way to preserving the dead bodies of their loved one pending proper burial arrangements?

These pictures circulated online a few years ago though, as shared by on PK Kasrim on social media. It is perplexing to know it still exists.

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