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An Exotic Car Built From The Scratch By Engr. Alex Akwuiwu.

Akwuiwu in his exotic car

Engr. Alex Akwuiwu, The Imo born Spanish-trained automobile engineer, constructs an exotic car from the scratch.

There have been notable efforts from Nigerians, to make great impacts in the automobile industry. It is worthy to note and mention the pioneer in this regard, in the person of Dr. Ezekiel Izuogu, who hails from Akokwa (a town in Imo State).

Amidst shortfalls (including research and auto-design) stalling remarkable developments in Nigeria’s automobile industry, comes another automobile guru, Engr. Alex Akwuiwu, who is so conscious of making a giant imprint in that sector.

Engr. Alex started his journey as an automobile engineer in Europe, he moved to Nigeria thereafter, to contribute his experience to the growth of Nigeria’s development in its automobile industry. As an automobile engineer, his design ideas could spell the genesis of indigenous exotic cars in nigeria. Below is a snippet from an interview he granted Engineersforum in 2019.

I returned to Nigeria with some of the machines and tools I was able to procure during my stay there. Then I began to practice my profession in 2011 in Nigeria at the inception of the administration of Governor Rochas Okorocha. I started by providing auto repair services and maintenance. I continued to do this to raise money to support my auto-design and research efforts. In 2016, I was able to manufacture my first vehicle from scratch. It is a very rugged, made-in-Nigeria vehicle that looks like a military vehicle and is able to withstand the rough nature of Nigerian roads. I called it the Combatant.


Engr. Alex’s most recent product has no much different feel from super exotic sports cars. See photos below.

A Nigerian indigenous super exotic sports car.
A Nigerian indigenous super exotic sports car

Such remarkable creativity should be encouraged to thrive in our society. Government and relevant agencies should look out for and assist those trying to make the country great.

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