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Google Honours Oliver De Coque With A Doodle.

Oliver De Coque

Google Doodle Celebrates Oliver De Coque At 74th Posthumous Birthday.

The music legend, Oliver De Coque came on board the highlife music scene with his style and reigned from the late 70s through 2008 when the shocking news of his demise was announced.

Oliver De Coque, whose real name was Oliver Sunday Akanite was one fantastic musician who made Igbo music with a touch of modern highlife. After debuting Messiah Messiah in 1977, he went on to produce over 90 albums until his demise in 2008.

Most notable amongst his hit tracks are: ‘Ana Enwe Obodo Enwe’, ‘Nnukwu Mmanwu’, ‘Identity’, ‘Nempi Social Club’, Biri Ka M Biri’, Peoples Club of Nigeria’. Oliver started music in his early years and was influenced by the notable guitarist Piccolo, who taught him to play guitar.

Oliver De Coque’s demise was a shocking one to all lovers of good music. He reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest which eventually caused his death, and was confirmed dead on 20th June 2008.

Below is what his son Darlington told the press.

He told the press that it was as if his father knew he was going to die because on the day he died, he decided to stay indoors. “And he wanted me to stay by his side.”

“That morning, after he had his breakfast, he began to feel ill. He said he was going to cancel his appointment for that day. I didn’t know it was a serious matter; all I did was to console him. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and then told him that I wanted to visit a few friends. He begged me not to leave his side; I became upset. I thought he was depriving me of catching fun. I grudgingly stayed back.”


We pray his soul continue to rest peacefully.

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